Our priority is to Glorify God! We want to Reach People with the love of Jesus Christ, and Build up the Body, which is His church


We believe that the Bible is the very word of God – although written by men it is inspired by the Holy Spirit. Just as God is perfect in every way so too are His words, incapable of error, failure or contradiction.

We believe the Bible is as relevant today as it has always been. God gives us His word so we can learn more of Him. It reveals who God is & feeds us that we may know spiritual health & growth.


We believe God made us to worship Him! Therefore, we place great emphasis on the importance of worship, both for the individual & in our corporate gathering.

Worship is not just attending church services or singing songs but offering the whole of our lives to God as an expression of love for Him.

Whether we realise it or not, everybody worships something or someone! Whatever is the priority in our life receives our main focus, energy & resources and can become our object of worship.

Worship is far more than repeating certain words or following rituals -it is a continuous lifestyle based on a personal reality-connection with God Himself!


Prayer is the primary means of communication with God.   

The Bible continually calls us to pray – to meet with God, to engage with Him, to wrestle with Him, to commune & spend time with Him, to seek His face wholeheartedly!

Prayer is not just magic words, religious formula, repeated phrases, ritualistically mantra or a rehearsed set of impersonal words BUT is the means of relating to & connecting with our Father!


Discipleship is the process of growing stronger in the Christian faith. The moment we accept Jesus as our personal Saviour we cross the start line of faith and enter a journey of discipleship, constantly growing into a fuller experience of the Christian faith!

Growing takes time – nobody plants a seed one day & expects to harvest the next. There is a process involved over time and it is the same with discipleship!

The Bible emphasises the importance of 'making disciples'. Church should be a place where Christian believers can continually grow in their Christian faith


Fellowship is God’s people growing together as family. This involves people growing closer to each other AND growing in God together. 

As children of God we share the same Father SO we are brothers & sisters in Christ, forming the family of God!

In order to grow in this way it is important that we spend time in being together.  

A church with strong fellowship will help to produce a church in unity, & that is really important!


Mission (or Evangelism) is simply sharing the good news Gospel of Jesus Christ, in word & deed, with others who have not yet encountered or received it for themselves

God wants His church to grow & as Christians we are tasked with the responsibility to share this amazing Gospel message: to be salt & light in the world, and to be Jesus' witnesses & ambassadors.


All believers are called to 'ministry': serving others & meeting needs with love, both inside & outside the church

The Bible says each of us has specific giftings deposited in us by the Holy Spirit & that we are called to exercise them in 'ministry'.

Church leaders are not the only ones with 'ministry' but all believers are called to their own individual God-ordained & God-empowered MINISTRY.

The Bible goes further to say that in ministry, when we serve others then we are actually serving God Himself (Matthew 25:34-40)


The Greatest Commandment in the Bible is to “love the Lord your God with with all your heart & with all your soul & with all your strength & with all your mind” (Luke 10:27)

Jesus then said that the 2nd most commandemnt is to “love your neighbour as yourself”

The Bible says that if we have not love then we have nothing, gain nothing & we are like a 'resounding gong' - just a big noise with no substance!

This isn't a sentimental, mushy love BUT a strong, sacrificial love – love without limits!